Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Toni Sartini

Aligning Your Team Nov 2007

Presented by Kelley Dental Laboratory

DuraThin Veneers Nov 2007

Presented by Dr. Dennis Wells

Member of The Greater Louisville Aesthetic Masters Study Club

Studied under The Hornbrook Group 2007-2010

Extreme Dental Makeovers Without Extreme Tooth Reduction Feb. 2008

University of Louisville Health Sciences Center

Dental Boot Kamp Feb-March 2008

The Coaching Center

Dental Boot Kamp Level 2 Sept 2008

The Coaching Center

Dental Photography April 2008

The Marius Bridge;

The New Standard for Maxillary Fixed Detachable Restorations Aug 2008

Presented by Advanced Perio & Implant Center

Eaglesoft Practice Management Oct 2008

Presented by Patterson Dental

Foundations of Risk Management Aug 2009

Occlusal Disease Nov 2009

Presented by Dr. Mark Montgomery

Orthodontic Treatment with Invisalign Jan 2010

Align Technology

Narrow Body Implants to Stabilize, Cushion and Retain Mandibular Dentures June 2010

Presented by Dr. Keith Rossein

Medical Protective

Trauma Management August 2011

Sleep Apnea and Appliance Therapy April 2012

Presented by Dr. Joseph Seipel

Risk Management Consult; Dentistry in Depth August 2012

Endodontic Update Dec 2012

Presented by Dr. Scott Schuler

Comprehensive Care for the Radiation Xerostomia Patient Feb 2013

Presented by Dr. Dennis Jenkins

Oral Lichen Planus; Overview and potential treatments Feb 2013

Presented by Dr.Alan Gould

Facially Driven Orthodontics March 2013

Presented by Dr. Doug Knight

Atraumatic Extractions Webinar

Golden Dental Solutions