Patient Testimonials

I love my dentures. Dr.Sartini and the girls are great.  

     I love them all. 

-Barbara S.

I didn’t expect to feel so much better after having my teeth fixed.I didn’t realize how much they were bothering me every day. Now, I feel so much better. I wish I would’ve had them fixed long ago. Wonderful dentist and staff.

-Gary S.

I love my dentures so much. I waited so long to get new ones that my jaw was slipping forward, and I developed an underbite. Dr.Sartini had to work hard at getting my bite corrected, but she did it!

And they are nice and white! I would recommend not going so long before getting a new set. She and her crew are the best!

-Tony W.

Unique approach, pleasant experience, and THOROUGH examination. Definitely, my new dentist!

- Bob

I'm not sure why everyone does not make this office their family dentist! From the moment I walked in the door I knew there was something different. Maybe it was the amazing Romona who took such good care of me, even making sure I was comfortable with a blanket and headphones. Maybe it was having a dentist in one ear and a hygienist in the other ear singing along with me to Mercy Me (of course singing in my head :-) ). The whole staff was amazing from the moment I walked in to the moment I left, they gave me their full attention and their attention to patient care showed. No one looks forward to going to the dentist, but this is no ordinary dentist office!!

- Joni

I want to thank you so much for being not only a talented dentist and artist, but for being such a personable and caring human being. Thank you for all the time and attention that you have given to me and for giving me back my smile! You and your staff are an amazing group of women!

- Constance

A thank you note hardly seems adequate after all that you have done for me, but know that I am so grateful. Everyone treated me with such kindness and love. You have each touched my heart and made a lasting imprint on my life. Once again, I thank you for your generosity and for being such a wonderful Christian example. May God bless you all.

- Jennifer

Thank you to Marlo, Dr. Sartini and all the staff. I had a great cleaning, a good check-up and was, as always, treated very well by all of you. I actually look forward to my dental check-ups. I wish you all happy holidays. They are coming up fast. Blessings to you all.

- Susan

I just wanted to thank you for praying over me last week. That really meant so much to me. It never ceases to amaze me the way that God shows himself through my friends, family and ever strangers. I know that I am truly blessed. Thank you again for your kindness.

As is the case with most women, I am and have been the main caregiver for so many years. Yesterday when your assistant took my hand, it brought tears to my eyes because it has been a very long time since anyone has done that for me. Thank you AND the staff for all the big and small ways you reach out to others in kindness.

- Becky

Thanks to each and every one of you, for everything you have done to make each and every visit so easy. I never thought in a million years that I would look forward to going to the Dentist, but I do now. Thanks so much for giving me my smile back!

- Johnna

Just wanted to say thank you for fixing my tooth so I didn't have to come back, even though it meant you guys had to stay late. And then you gave me a discount also! Yu guys are the best! Hope you have a good fall break and God bless!

Thank you for always being here  for me. You are ALL so special to me. Mere words can never convey how much love, joy and so much more that you have given me. At times, it has felt as if the weight of the world on my heart and shoulders; but upon entering your loving presence; it was lifted and gone. We serve an AWESOME God!!! Dr. Toni, I cried bushels of tears on reading the beautiful tribute to your mother! I know she was awesome.... for just take a look at her beautiful, loving daughter!!! I am blessed to know all of you here!!!

I expect to have my teeth cleaned. I expect a great group of christians because of what others have told me. But you have touched my soul. I'm very wordy but this goes beyond words. You are all blessings from God who just so happen to specialize in dentistry. Thank you for who you are and how you serve.

- Ed

Thanks for being the kind of office that is a joy to visit and recommend.

- Sandie

Little children smiling in front of a christmas treeThank you ladies very much for everything you bought for my children (and also for my robe). They had a wonderful Christmas. Austin was thrilled with his "Diego Center". Joshua was happy with his office supplies, Courtney was tickles with her "Braty Dolls". And Cassidy was very happy with her doll and "pink boots". She wears those a lot! Here is a picture of them for you all to have. I hope you like it. Again, from the bottom of my heart, I do thank you and wish all of you a wonderful and happy year.

- Beth

I thank you so much for what you have done for Glenn and the beautiful artistic work you have done on Glenn. He is going on his 4th week or more without what he calls "fizzy stuff". I am so excited about just that. But his teeth are great, what you did in 3 hours time is just insane (a good insane). God bless you Toni, not only you but everything around you that makes you so beautiful. I've never seen my husband smile SO BIG!

- Ayanna

You and your staff are awesome and I love recommending people to you. What a blessing we have to have you available to people in our area! Thank you for my wonderful smile!

- Nancy

Many thanks to you and your staff for your kind and generous help. I will now smile my way all through Central America.

- Ken

I just wanted to say thank you! I appreciate your kindness and all you have done for me! Its only been one tooth so far, but you've made the world of difference already! I'll be back soon, I promise! Because of you guys I might not be alone forever! Thanks again!

- Jami

My experience was awesome, staff here was terrific. Really felt like family.When I saw how beautiful my new teeth were I just broke down and started crying, I was so happy. they look so natural. The prettiest teeth I have ever owned. They are well worth my beautiful smile.

- Rita

For many years I hesitated to go to a dentist.I had a horrible experience when I was young and the fear followed me into adulthood. I contracted cancer in 2010 and was at an all time low, with no confidence. I needed to do something for me.I went to Dr. Sartini because I saw a billboard that she catered to cowards and that was me. She & her staff are awesome! I couldn't believe how kind and caring they were. The transformation was so much more than physical. It gave me confidence that I never had before. For the first time I could smile without covering my mouth.I can't explain enough the transformation! I went from someone who couldn't smile to someone who can't stop smiling! How can I ever repay Dr. Sartini? I can tell you this much, she is a wonderful friend I will treasure forever. Please do something for yourself if are uncomfortable with smiling. You will never be sorry! Thanks to the entire staff! I love all of you.

- Gretchen

I love the atmosphere where I work. All our patients are our friends too. Makes my job such a pleasure!!!

- Chris

Dr.Sartini brought back my smile and I'm very happy about it! I was at the point I hated to smile until Dr.Sartini gave me that smile back! Very Satisfied :)

- Kelly