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MomMy Mom’s breast cancer was diagnosed my senior year of dental school, 1986. I was about to take my final boards and was exhausted. She was in a hospital within walking distance of the dental school and I could go see her during my breaks and after clinic hours. If she was sitting up in her chair, I would take a nap in her hospital bed! I would hear her tell the nurses, “Shhh, she’s so tired…” What an amazing Mother God gifted me with. She was enduring painful cancer treatments and yet worried I was not getting enough sleep….what a heroic example she set for my brothers and I to have courage and smile through the pain. She taught us the tremendous power in spoken words…“How are you feeling today Mom?” “Well….it’s an okay day, but how are you? How are the kids?” I believe now that “okay” meant it was a pretty bad day….but she believed in staying positive. Such as, praying for others less fortunate. Putting on makeup and getting herself dressed when she wanted to just lie in bed, and making nice meals for our family, even though she rarely ate. She told everyone how proud she was of me…and now I want everyone to know how proud I was of her…she truly passed with grace in the midst of agony. My mother’s breast cancer returned 10 years later in her bones. Her body wore down after 2 long, hard years. She went home with my brothers and I by her side in July 1999. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and I thank God that he allowed it to happen that way. You see, when we were born, she was the one to welcome us into this world. (Dads were out in the waiting area still.) So it was fitting that her children were the ones that sent her home. I miss you Mom-give Jesus a hug for me and tell him thanks…He’ll know what for…..

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