Bad Breath Ewww!

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If you think you have bad breath, you probably do. The American Dental Association states 50% of the adult population has had chronic, long lasting, bad breath at some time. What causes Bad Breath? There are the obvious foods like onions, garlic and tuna. But if you don’t brush and floss daily, any food can cause bad breath. The longer the food stays trapped between your teeth, the smellier it gets. Why? because bacteria breaks down the food left in your mouth after you’ve eaten, and this produces a foul smell. Hence, the longer the particles stay in your mouth, the longer the bacteria stays also, producing stinky breath. Another hidden place for bacteria besides the teeth and gums, is the back of the tongue. Food particles and therefore, resulting bacteria get stuck there. Think of a carpet that’s never been cleaned. The best way to remove the odor producing bacteria? Floss then brush your teeth and tongue. I also like a non alcohol based mouth rinse to end with. Bad breath that stays around can be a warning sign of gum disease. This must be treated by your dentist. Some gum diseases can also be a medical alert to heart conditions, or diabetes, liver and kidney diseases. If you suspect you have bad breath or if you know someone who does, get them to call for an appointment for a thorough bacteria removal appointment today!