Patient comfort is priority here. We have thought of everything that may cause anxiety or just ways for you to be comfortable during your time with us.
We start off the visit giving you a blanket and a pillow for behind your neck or lower back.
patient care
Then noise reduction headphones to listen to you music on your phone or ours.

A lot of our patients choose to use our video glasses and watch a movie.

You can choose from our library or bring a DVD from home. Kids love this and adults with longer appointments definitely enjoy a movie!

Some patients, even Dr.Sartini and our team, don’t like the antiseptic smells associated with dental offices and we have chocolate chip cookies to mask that! Even better, when you leave you get to take one home!

During longer appointments one of our team comes into the room and does hand massages. After the appointment Dr.Sartini has studied techniques to massage the TMJ, forehead and base of the neck.

If your jaws get sore staying open at the dentist, we have a compound made at the pharmacy to massage into the outside of the jaws before we begin that relaxes the tension in them.

You may be similar to some patients that have a sensitive gag reflex.

We have a compounded solution you can gargle with or a spray to mask that uncomfortable and embarrassing feeling.

If you’ve had difficulty or pain with having xrays taken, we have a Panorex machine that takes the check up xrays without putting anything in your mouth.
Our methods cover the Visual, Audio, Olfactory (smell) and Somatosensory (touch) senses. Often our patients fall asleep during treatment! All of this we do, so that you can take this time to relax and the reviews we have received have all been positive, 5 star!

Our goal if for you to ENJOY coming to our office and leave feeling better than when you came.