For a Healthy Smile, Avoid These Hazards

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If you would like to achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, we are here to help you understand the importance of oral hygiene, and how regular dental checkups can benefit your smile. We also encourage you to avoid tooth hazards that can turn a healthy smile into significant dental repair. Below is a review of three tooth hazards that are common but should be avoided to prevent severe tooth damage:

– Poor dental hygiene: You can place your smile at risk for cavities and gum disease if you aren’t brushing, flossing, and rinsing your teeth every day or visiting the dentist regularly for preventive dental checkups. If you neglect these activities, you won’t have the healthy mouth that comes with effective oral hygiene.

– Chewing on objects: Do you sometimes chew on pens or pencils? This seemingly harmless habit can actually crack your teeth, and lead to serious problems later on.

– Acidic and sugary food: Food and drinks that contain acid and sugar weaken your teeth through. These substances cause tooth enamel erosion and contribute to cavities. You can protect your smile by replacing these foods with a healthy diet that promotes dental health.

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