Halloween Candy Anyone?

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Being a dentist, I often get asked, “Do you let your kids eat candy?” Yes, I do. In moderation, eaten while drinking water and brushing afterwards.How is this accomplished? Have your child spread all the candy out on the kitchen table. The hard candies, like suckers will be the most dangerous to teeth. These types of candies get stuck in the grooves of molars and are difficult to brush totally out. Also, the long time that they linger in they mouth keeps the sugar in contact with the teeth. This is what makes this type of candy low on the okay list for me. And the fructose/corn syrup! Don’t get me started! I recommend discouraging these.

Allow them to pick out a few. Look for smaller candies they can chew and swallow down. Have them drink water with them. Say we will put the rest away for another day. I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown out the left over candy after a few days! Many of my friends have done this and agree that allowing them full access to their candy stash is a way to get tummy aches and possibly achy teeth from the “sugar bugs”

Alas, this is the first year I will not have a trick or treater in my house. And if you were wondering….Almond Joy and Milky Way Dark always made it to my side when the candy was spread out on the table!

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