Is Flossing Really Important?

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Have you heard that flossing may be as important to your oral health as brushing your teeth? This might explain why dentists seem to always ask if you were flossing at home, and why they give dental floss away like it’s Halloween candy. Brushing your teeth can clean plaque from the chewing surfaces of your teeth, but plaque also likes to gather between your teeth where your brush can’t reach. If flossing is so important to your dental health, how can you be sure you’re doing it correctly?

You should cut a piece of dental floss that is approximately 18 inches long and wrap a small section’s ends around your index fingers. You will want to keep the section fairly taunt and slide it gently between your back teeth while moving your hands in a smooth up and down motion. Before you start on to the next tooth, remember to move on to a new section of dental floss. It is not reusable and becomes ineffective after use.

Different types of dental flosses are available, and you can decide which one suits your preferences and specific needs. Regardless of what kind you select, we advise that you make sure that your floss is approved by the ADA.

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