Keeping the Tooth Fairy Alive

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As a child, did you experience the magic of the Tooth Fairy? Did you ever stay up late or sleep with your hand under your pillow trying to catch one? Now that you have grown, it can be just as exciting to bring that magic alive for your child, and perhaps the Tooth Fairy can even help you convince your child to practice better dental hygiene.

As you may remember, the fairy comes on nights when children have lost their teeth and trades them for money. This is one of many areas where you can let your creativity flow and have some fun with the tradition. A fairy could leave notes for your child remarking on the quality of the tooth and offering words of encouragement or even gentle suggestions for improvement.

Fairies have also been known, on occasion, to pay at a higher rate for teeth without cavities. This can open the door for you to have a conversation with your child about taking care of their teeth. Another idea is to implement a tooth journal. You could tell your child to keep a journal for the fairies because they like to know what has happened to the teeth they are going to buy. They can write down anything that has happened to them in their day, week or month that they think the fairies may find interesting.

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