You can meet our team and get information about our office at these local events!


Dr. Sartin and her Team had a busy September participating in various festivals in the area. Dr. Sartin states ” I think it’s improtant for people to see us out of the office and in a familar setting. Many people will approiach me at these events and share their dental needs and anxieties with me. They ask a lot of good  questions about themselves or someone they know. Often times, these same folks would not share this in a dental office, or come to the dentist at all. It helps them to see us as just people too. I think meeting me and my team out in the community helps thems to see we are here to serve them, not “hurt” them..” Team Sartini participated in Salem Heritage weeked, , Friday Night on the Square in Salem and Palmyra Pal Wow



Dr. Sartini and members of her Team will be at The Lanesville Heritage Weekend this September 8, 9 and10th. Their booth is located in front of the Lanesville Community Center. Better known as the building where you find the delicious chicken and dumplings! Information pamphlets will be available for upcoming Implant Denture Seminars in Corydon, Palmyra and Salem. Small gifts and treats will also be handed out!

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