Preventing Root Canal Infections

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Root canal infections are not only painful, they can lead to major oral health problems if left untreated. Restorative dentistry treatments are available to treat the damage caused by root canal infections and restore oral health. Although there are options for treating root canal infections, preventing root canal infections is always preferable. Palmyra dentist Toni Sartini offers these tips to help patients prevent root canal infections in the first place.

What Are Root Canal Infections?
Tooth decay or dental injury can allow bacteria to access the pulp and nerve tissues within the root canal, leading to root canal infections. Because root canal infections affect the tooth’s nerve tissues, these infections can be extremely painful. Root canal infections are serious and should be treated immediately to prevent the infection from spreading and causing painful, pus-filled abscesses around the tooth roots and gums. In serious cases, root canal infections can lead to severe tooth decay and even tooth loss.

Root canal infections can be treated with a combination of root canal therapy, which is used to remove infected tissues within the tooth, and other restorative treatments, like tooth-colored fillings and porcelain dental crowns.

How to Prevent Root Canal Infections
The biggest weapon against root canal infections is proper dental care and seeking treatment at the earliest signs of dental damage. Follow these tips to prevent root canal infections and keep your smile at its best:

Floss daily, without fail: Flossing is just as important to oral health as brushing. Floss at least once a day every day, without fail. When flossing, bring the floss up and down each side of every tooth and as far along the gum line as possible to remove plaque and food remnants that brushing is unable to reach.
Brush thoroughly at least twice a day: Brush your teeth at least twice a day for a full two minutes each to ensure a thorough cleaning. Regular brushing helps prevent tooth decay, the leading cause of root canal infections.
Avoid foods and drinks high in sugar and acid: Regularly consuming sugary, acidic foods and drinks increases the risk of tooth decay. Avoid foods and drinks high in sugar or acid, especially those high in both, like soft drinks, to reduce your risk of tooth decay and root canal infections.
Rinse your mouth with water between meals: Rinse your mouth with water after and between meals to help remove sugars, acids, and food remnants.
See your dentist regularly: Be sure to see your dentist every six months for a general exam and cleaning. Regular dental exams allow dental damage to be caught early and professional cleanings helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth.
Seek Treatment Today
If you suspect you’re suffering from a root canal infection, or any other oral health problem, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible to reduce the risk of further damage. We welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sartini to get your oral health back on track.