Problems With Chronic Dry Mouth Can Increase Your Risk for Cavities and Gum Disease

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Saliva plays a variety of roles in a healthy mouth. Not only does it moisten your mouth when speaking, it also lubricates food to help with easy swallowing. Once you are done consuming a meal or snack your mouth continues to produce saliva, which helps wash away loose food particles and reduce plaque buildup.

Removing these potential bacterial deposits helps to further reduce your chances of experiencing a buildup of hardened tartar and the chronic plaque acids which promote problems with tooth decay and gum disease. If something impedes your natural saliva production the population of bacteria in your mouth can increase.

If you have been experiencing problems with a chronic dry mouth, you should consider scheduling an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Toni Sartini. After a professional exam to help determine the contributing factors she can help you develop an effective treatment strategy to help restore your mouth’s essential moisture.

Some cases of chronic dry mouth can be linked to a new medication. At the same time chronic dehydration from something like frequent alcohol consumption or tobacco use might also lead to reduced saliva production.

Some forms of oral and pharyngeal cancer can also reduce your mouth’s ability to produce saliva. Early diagnosis of these serious oral health conditions can significantly improve your treatment success rate.

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