Restoring Strength and Beauty to the Teeth with Porcelain Crowns

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When a tooth suffers a traumatic injury or develops serious decay, it can set off a chain of dental complications. Patients are likely to experience pain, oral functions may become more difficult, the tooth will weaken and become more vulnerable to further damage, and the aesthetics of the smile may be compromised. All of these problems can be addressed through our restorative dentistry services, which are aimed at repairing damage to the teeth to restore a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile. Porcelain crowns are one restorative treatment that is frequently offered by cosmetic dentist Toni Sartini. For our Palmyra patients, porcelain crown benefits are numerous and include improvement to the structure, function, and beauty of the tooth.

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns
A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that fits over the patient’s natural tooth (once it has been restructured to remove damaged enamel). Crowns can rebuild tooth structure, restore strength and function, and protect against further damage.

Porcelain crowns are one of the most popular restorative treatments because they are well-suited to a number of dental problems. Porcelain crowns may be used to treat anything from advanced tooth decay, to a tooth that has suffered from nerve damage, to one that has been cracked or fractured, to one with serious cosmetic blemishes. Below are some of the benefits that make porcelain crowns a restorative treatment of choice for Dr. Sartini and her patients:

Function: By eliminating damaged enamel and rebuilding tooth structure with a porcelain crown, Dr. Sartini is able to improve oral function for patients. Speaking, chewing, and eating all become easier with a porcelain crown in place.
Protection: Aside from rebuilding the tooth, one of the most important functions of a porcelain crown is protection. Porcelain crowns enclose a damaged tooth and block out potentially harmful bacteria.
Appearance: Dr. Sartini only offers tooth-colored porcelain crowns, which are semi-translucent, and will blend in seamlessly with the natural teeth. These restorations improve the appearance of the smile without standing out.
Durability: Porcelain crowns will withhold under the pressure that are put on the teeth on a daily basis. With proper care, our patients can experience the protection of porcelain crowns for up to 15 years.
Ease of care: It is easy to care for porcelain crowns to ensure that they reach their lifespan potential. No special care or cleaning materials are required; porcelain crowns should simply be brushed and flossed regularly along with the natural teeth. Porcelain crowns are also stain resistant so it is easy to keep them looking their best.
Comfort: Porcelain crowns relieve the discomfort of a damaged tooth, improve oral functions, and feel completely natural.
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If you are suffering from oral pain, if simple oral functions have become difficult, or if the appearance of your smile has been drastically compromised, a porcelain crown may help. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about porcelain crowns and additional restorative dentistry treatment options. Dr. Toni Sartini looks forward to working with you toward creating a healthy, attractive smile.