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With Implants becoming more affordable and desireable for patients, we took our team to a Local Implant doctors office to educate us on the newest techniques in SIngle tooth Implants, Denture Implants and to see their state of the art facility. We were shown the CT Scan machine and images and spent time Eplaining WHY the CT scan is so valuable to the doctor placing the implant. The doctor doesn’t want to guess on the thickness and strength of the bone. The CT scan shows the bone in thin segments, so if there are any voids, or holes, in the bone, the doctor can fill those areas in with bone so the implant will attach and be solidily placed within the bone.

This doctor preferred human bone vs bovine bone. Research can be done as the to indications for either, or the doctors preference. Our team was especially interested in denture implantsimplant supported dentures, and how our patients can afford and benefit from the two types offered.

With the 2 types of Implant Dentures one type DOES NOT come out. It is called RETAINED, the other type does come out, but snaps into implant locators placed to keep the denture in place. This is called LOCATOR and TISSUE supported denture because the denture rests on your gummy ridge and uses the locators.

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