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Chipped Teeth
Chipped teeth, if they do not hurt, are minor and can be taken care of when your dental office schedules your appointment. Chipped teeth that DO hurt, probably involve the enamel and the dentin below it. This can expose the tooth to air and cold and should be treated as soon as possible.

Cracked Teeth
Fractured or Cracked teeth involve the nerve of the tooth and are painful. These situations can require root canal therapy and crowning to gain comfort and replace the tooth to its original shape.  If you do fracture a tooth, the Academy of General Dentistry suggests you; rinse your mouth with warm water, take ibuprofen, not aspirin, for pain and call your dentist for an appointment ASAP.

Out Of Position
Now let’s talk about what to do if your or someone you’re with gets a tooth knocked out of position. Call your dentist right away, and try to put the tooth back where it belongs with light finger pressure. Don’t force it. Sometimes if this is done quickly, the prognosis of the tooth surviving the trauma is increased.

Tooth Knocked Out
Call the dentist and try to be seen within 1 hour of the trauma. Handle the tooth by the crown only. DO NOT touch the root.( the long pointed end) Gently rinse the tooth with water to remove any dirt. Do Not scrub! The cells covering the root surface are necessary to reattached the tooth to the bone. Then place the tooth between your cheek and gum. If that is not possible, then wrap up the tooth lightly in clean cloth or gauze (not cotton) and put it in milk or saline solution (contact lens solution).  If necessary go directly to an immediate dental care facility, calling your dentist to inform them of the situation. They may want to speak to the dentist on staff at the time. 

If the tooth knocked out is a primary “baby” tooth, then the tooth should not be attempted to be replanted according to the Academy of General Dentistry. Still seek an appointment with your dentist to be sure there are no pieces left behind, taking the tooth with you would be helpful.

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Cracks and fracture lines in teeth sometimes don’t cause the patient any discomfort, UNTIL they break. Even if a tooth is not hurting, a crack still needs to be addressed, so the tooth does not break beyond repair. Contact our team for a complete evaluation for any possible damaging cracks in your teeth!

*This blog is meant to give it’s readers some direction if any of these situations arise. Above all, seek your dentists advice immediately.*