When the Going Gets Tough: Custom Mouth Guard Candidates

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At the dental practice of Dr. Toni Sartini, we offer more than a comprehensive range of high-quality restorative dentistry, general dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry treatments. We also offer such services as state-of-the-art, custom-crafted mouth guards made from the finest materials. These mouth guards are built to withstand the rigorous intensity of high-impact sports, whether you have a child who is participating in athletics or you require them for your own activities.

In meeting with prospective mouth guard candidates at her Palmyra, IN dental practice, Dr. Toni Sartini is often asked what the difference is between the mouth guards she offers and those available on the shelves of, say, a local drug store. The answers to that question will help to determine whether you are a good candidate not just for a mouth guard – if you are healthy enough to participate in high-impact sports, you are a suitable candidate for a mouth guard – but whether you are a good candidate for a custom mouth guard.

After reading this blog article, you will have a better idea of whether you or your child is a good candidate for a custom mouth guard. At that point, we would encourage you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Toni Sartini.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Custom Mouth Guard?
If you or your child is going to be participating in a high-impact sport in which a blow to the mouth is a real possibility, then a mouth guard is absolutely necessary. Such sports include football, boxing, basketball, soccer, and rugby. You could, of course, go down to virtually any store with a pharmacy and purchase a boil-to-fit mouth guard off the shelf – people have been doing so for decades, right? And it’s cheaper than having one custom-crafted by a dentist, right?

Yes and yes. However, having a mouth guard custom-crafted by a dentist is also well worth the extra cost for most people, especially those who end up getting struck in the mouth but suffering far less damage than they otherwise would have.

Nevertheless, whether you are a good candidate for a custom mouth guard remains a matter of personal choice and priority. You will likely be a good candidate if you want a mouth guard that:

Is built to endure: Our custom mouth guards are laboratory pressure laminated, multi-layered, and highly resistant to stretching and tearing. On the other hand, boil-to-fit mouth guards are composed of a malleable plastic that is intended to stretch when people bite down. Our mouth guards will typically last for two years of continuous use, while their boil-to-fit counterparts must be replaced after a season of use (e.g., after one football season or basketball season).
Fits comfortably and perfectly in your mouth: When we customize your mouth guard, it will be crafted to fit in your mouth, to conform to the grooves of your teeth, to adhere to the contours of your bite. There will be no extraneous plastic to irritate your gums or cut your cheeks. Every single crevice of every single tooth will be protected.
Works when it needs to: Boil-to-fit mouth guards will usually provide adequate protection under normal circumstances – the average tackle, hit, or thrown elbow. However, when things get really rough, they tend to fail. Our mouth guards provide exceptional protection during extraordinary circumstances, when serious mouth injuries are most likely.
Find Out Whether a Custom Mouth Guard Is the Right Choice for You
If you’d like further information about custom mouth guards, please contact the dental practice of Dr. Toni Sartini today.