Why People Don’t Go To The Dentist: 5 Reasons

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The reality of why MOST people do not get the dental treatment they WANT and DESERVE is basically one or more of five reasons.  My team and I have been trained to address EACH ONE!  Keep an eye on my blog as I will address EACH of these reasons in detail!

REASON NUMBER 1:  “Dr. Sartini, I’m just SCARED”
These are patients that have been hurt in the past and bring with them these fears of how they were treated happening again. This is what I call Dental Anxiety, and it is VERY real and debilitating from the standpoint that a patient would rather let a tooth get to the point they “can no longer stand it” before calling me for help. Sound familiar? My advertising slogan for 25 years has been;  

This is on all my billboards and is one of the main reasons people call me. People do not want to be hurt! Especially by their dentist. 

I like to say “Most of my patients have feathers!” meaning, yes, I have “chickens”.  At the very first appointment with us, I want to know what their past dental experiences were like.  On my website on the Meet Dr.Sartini page I have and interview where I share my story of being treated roughly and belittled.  Sometimes, unfortunately, patients do get a rough, uncaring dentist, hygienist or assistant. We talk with the patients and work to undo those fears. 

The top reasons I get are “the shot” and “the noise”.

Addressing getting numb; I have a compounder at a local pharmacy that makes me a special mixture of numbing cream that the assistants apply before I even come in the room. The patients usually say,” I’m already going numb!”  I also use the smallest needle I can on everyone, not just kids. As for the noises, I don’t like them either! We have noise reduction headphones for music OR we have these awesome video glasses that patients can watch a movie on! We tuck a blanket around them and get started once they are relaxed.

The patients are always in control and I assure them we will stop whenever they need a break or want to ask me something.

There are times I have to prescribe a sedative before their dental appointment, and I do not mind doing that. I can honestly say, after the first few appointments, they don’t ask for it anymore! It’s all about gaining their trust and confidence in me and my staff not to hurt them. People want to be assured of that and we don’t let them down. I have so many patients ask me; “Remember when I first met you and I was so scared I cried? Now I love coming to the dentist!”

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